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We will be able to assess your specific needs and tell you whether cloud-based applications are right for your business. It’s not always right, necessary, or economical for all businesses.

Professional Cloud Computing Email Services

Cloud Email supplies you durable email tools as well as provides you accessibility to them online. With cloud-based email holding, a vendor serves your email customer and also stands for like any other cloud-based solution you currently use.

The problem with email is that it’s a one-size-fits all product. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL– they are all the same basic service. This can lead to a lot of issues for businesses with different needs and requirements. That’s why Cloud Email was created! With Cloud Email, companies get their own dedicated servers to use as they see fit, so we can offer the best solution for your company’s unique situation and needs.

This is a great option for companies that are looking to keep their information safe and secure, but also want the flexibility of not being restricted by one email service provider (ESP). With Cloud Email’s customizable solutions we can create an IT strategy just right or your company.

We provide Cloud Email for the whole company: Installation of Office 365 or any package-only email storage if the client already has Office 365.

We can install the whole Office 365:

Microsoft 365 – Cloud Based Email and Office Suite

Microsoft is one of the cloud’s principal players, and Microsoft Office 365 is a form of Office that is available on a subscription basis. It is cloud-based and paid monthly instead of buying multiple copies of MS Office or upgrades. It relieves the user of any obligation to or problem with upgrading to later versions. Version 365 is always the latest. This is clearly a re-establishment of the central computer albeit only a part of a business’s computing load.

Google GSuite Professional Cloud Based Email Apps Package

A similar competitive service is being offered by Google called GSuite which we can help in installing, too!

In addition to the usual parts of Office 365, we also offer additional cloud-based applications that may be useful to a business, such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, and Mobile Device Management. The essence of all cloud applications is to eliminate physical location as a necessity for a team to function productively. We can set up Office 365 for business. We will be able to tell you whether cloud-based applications are right for your business. It’s not right, necessary, or economical for all businesses.

Top 5 reasons to select cloud-based email solutions as opposed to a standard on-premises email web server:


Cloud-Based email hosting offers you access to your messages using any linked tool. As long as you have web accessibility as well as a linked device, you can take care of business.


An internal email web server could look like an affordable way to get the services you need, but when you take a go back, you’ll understand just how expensive it can be. Not only do you need to represent the cost of the server itself, but you’ll also need to acquire an operating system as well as an email system, in addition to the rack, as well as spend for the power, air conditioning, as well as staff to sustain it.

Updated protection

Most big email providers have made cloud computer protection their leading priority. With the most modern-day tools offered, a group of protection specialists, and also far-ranging protocols in place to shield their customers, you’re most likely far more shielded with a cloud-based email holding service than you would certainly be if you had to rely upon one of your staffers to keep your email web server up today.


When your business starts expanding fast, a cloud email solution means you won’t have to worry about scaling your data center properly. Every one of the obligations will get on your provider. That offers your group even more time to focus on preserving top quality throughout your growth surge.

Easier disaster recovery

If your email web server becomes infected with a virus or passes away outright, recuperating lost information can be challenging. Sometimes, it’s difficult to recuperate. An email cloud system has redundancy built-in. That means you can recover your messages, calls, and also any data stored within your email system rapidly and also conveniently.

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