Firewall Installation

We make sure our clients’ networks are secure and flowing smoothly!

Firewall Solutions To Protect Your Network

 We install gateways at the entry point of the your network to secure the network and also provide secure remote access through VPN-virtual private access.

Security threats and hackers are an ongoing issue, especially to businesses. Firewalls are effective solutions for your network security issues. A firewall is software and/or hardware that blocks hackers from invading your computer systems and devices and using them. Firewalls will help prevent your computer from being a victim to fraudulent and malicious activities.


What is a Firewall?

A firewall is either a software or hardware network security device that monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic on a network and decides what network data packets should be allowed and what packets should be blocked  based on a set of pre-configured network security rules. The purpose of a firewall is to establish a secure barrier between an internal network and incoming traffic that originated from external sources (such as the public internet) in order to block malicious traffic from sources like viruses and hacking attempts.


Firewalls and Network Security

Typically, hackers infiltrate customers and business computers every 39 seconds. A third of all, Americans will undoubtedly be hacked every year, and the numbers are still growing.

As cybercrime continues to escalate, safeguarding your delicate data, like online banking, customers credit card, and personal information from cyber-burglary should be a top priority . . . and a properly configured firewall is the first line of protection.

At Computer Services New Jersey, we make sure our clients’ networks are secure and flowing smoothly. This allows their IT department to focus on its projects hassle-free!

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