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A/V Setup for Video Conference Rooms
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Conference rooms have become more important than ever as companies and organizations continue to adapt to the new remote work reality of 2022. Video conferencing has allowed for businesses, schools, churches, and essential services such as hospitals to stay connected with their teams and customers during this challenging time. It is clear that video conferencing will remain a vital tool even after the current pandemic passes. Video conferences can be used in both virtual meetings and in-person boardroom settings. The ability to connect digitally while having an open space makes a lot of sense now that there has been many studies on how much better it is than being stuck behind a desk all day long [source: Harvard Business Review].

When it comes to video conferencing, there are a few different options on the market. You can use Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom for your meetings. However, if you want the best possible experience for yourself and your team, you should be using these softwares in a dedicated Video Conference Room.

Computer Services New Jersey designs Video Conference Rooms at your physical office location. This is a room in your office or place of business that has been designed specifically for video conferencing. The walls are usually covered in sound-dampening material, and the room is furnished with comfortable chairs and a large table. These rooms are then equipped with large screens or projectors, and have a pre setup video device and appropriate microphones for the space.

Video Conference Rooms are a great way to ensure people in your meetings have the best possible experience. They can hear each other clearly and easily see any visuals that might be necessary for their meeting. Video Conference Rooms will help you keep appointments on time, as they eliminate the technical issue commonly experienced because everything is already setup, tested and ready to go.

If you want to design a Video Conference Room but do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, Computer Services New Jersey can help! Our technicians specialize in AV setup and installation services so we know exactly how these rooms need to be setup and configured to fit your specific use case.

Zoom Room or Zoom Video Conference Room

The recent boom in people working from home has made Zoom a very popular virtual meeting choice for small and medium businesses. It offers easy to use, cloud-based video conferencing that makes online meetings with clients, suppliers or coworkers quick and easy.

Installing Zoom Video Conference Room is an easy process, but there are a few things you should consider before getting started:

First, decide where the Zoom Room will be located. The room should have good lighting and sound quality to ensure everyone can see and hear clearly. You’ll also need access to power and internet connectivity.

Once you’ve determined the location, you’ll need to set up the audio and visual equipment. This includes a camera, microphone, speakers and display screen. There are many different types of cameras and microphones available, so it’s important to choose the ones that are best suited for your space. A Computer Services New Jersey technician can visit your location and determine the very best equipment to use to make your space feel like a Hollywood studio.

You’ll also want an Internet connection, but not just any kind will do! The Zoom Video Conference Room software requires a minimum of 30 Mbps down/15 Mbps upload speed from the room hosting the meeting and all participants’ computers participating in video conferencing. If you’re unsure about whether or not your home office has this bandwidth available, contact our experienced technicians for help measuring both download and upload speeds so we can make sure everyone gets connected successfully during their virtual meetings!

The audio visual equipment for conference rooms is what makes video conferencing possible – without it there would be no way to talk with others on Zoom Video Conference Room or share documents with them over the internet.

The next step is setting up a dedicated conference room computer for video conferencing, which includes installing special software and connecting all of the necessary hardware to make sure everything runs smoothly. Once our technicians setup and test all of the equipment and software, you’ll be ready to effortlessly start your meetings.

Blinds and Shades Automation for Conference Rooms Video

If your conference room has outside facing windows or maybe an interior glass wall, Computer Services New Jersey can help automate the window coverings, whether they are blinds, shades or curtains to remotely and automatically close when you need to reduce outside light or glare on your computer screens or monitors or are just looking for a little bit of privacy.

When one of our technicians comes out for an on-site review of your conference room they will be able to tell you about all of the options that Computer Services New Jersey has available for your particular space.


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