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We install the on-site VoIP ready hardware and then continue to give you local, quality service like no national phone service can, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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New Jersey VoIP Phone Management Service

Computer Services New Jersey can design, manage, and deploy a unique cloud-based VOIP phone solution to match the demands of your organization, from a 5-line VOIP phone system to a 300-line VOIP phone system. We offer VOIP phones as a vendor-neutral service. We can offer continuing maintenance, support, setup, and comprehensive cloud-based VOIP phone system on-premise settings, regardless of the brand you require or are presently using.

What is VoIP Phone Service?

As a substitute for your local phone company’s copper wires, VoIP phone services use your business’ existing internet connection to convert and transmit voice as data. If you have used Skype to make a phone call, then you’ve used VoIP technology before.

We are resellers for Nextiva, one of the best VoIP providers. We help businesses that are frustrated with their phone system equipment, dissatisfied with their current phone company, or disappointed with impersonal out of the country customer service. We also help those who are concerned about losing business due to lost calls, lost messages, missed calls, or just plain old out of date technology.

Computer Services New Jersey can switch your classic copper phones to a more resilient Internet-based telephone at a very reasonable cost. This offers reliability and stability to your business. As VoIP adoption increases, the number of calls that have to be terminated on the PSTN (Public switched telephone network) is falling by the day. Even in areas where people still use landlines, phone operators are switching out the underlying infrastructure over to VoIP. It relieves them of the burden of maintaining aging copper phones that can often require expensive repairs. Combined with the growing popularity of mobile VoIP applications and services, fewer calls are made to normal landlines on a regular basis.

We will only use your high-speed internet connection to give you high quality, flexible, and more affordable VoIP phone service. We install on-site VoIP ready hardware and then continue to give you local, quality service like no national phone service can, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Set up is simple, and learning how to use the system is quick and easy. And, unlike a landline, you will give your employees the capability to get business calls on their mobile phone anywhere.

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VoIP Services

  • Windows With Soft-Phone Integration
  • Microsoft Outlook with an Integrated Contact Click-To-Call Feature
  • Multi-call Transferring & Extensions
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email & Forward Voicemails
  • Call Presence
  • Company Directory with a Professional Voice Greeting
  • Device & Location Independence
  • Extension Dialing \ Intercom Feature

Benefits of VoIP Services

By using internet-based phones, you will eliminate overpriced phone lines from the local telephone company, an expensive on-site telephone system, and costly phone vendors. You can keep your business phone numbers. Plus, Computer Services New Jersey gives you more features, reliability, and mobility than traditional systems—without the hefty price tag.

VoIP phones free you from the constraints of a physical location and allow you to:

  • Connect all your people, locations, and devices with one system
  • Enjoy features like call recording and voicemail-to-email
  • Empower mobility with smartphone and PC apps
  • Easily change your system setup to fit your business needs

All you need is an Internet connection and a phone to quickly and easily modernize your office communications. It’s that simple.

All our project work services are negotiable and can be quoted by the whole project or hourly.
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